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Neal's Yard Remedies 
I use Neal's Yard Remedies products in my Facials, Manicures & Pedicures and Massage Treatments.
Neal's Yard Remedies was started in 1981 by Romy Fraser, who opened the first shop in Covent Garden, London. The company is driven by the belief that "health and beauty should be more natural, less synthetic". Their products are made using natural ingredients grown in Dorset, England.
I became a consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies in July
2010, which enables me to buy their wonderful skincare to use in my Facials, Holistic Massage and Manicure/Pedicure treatments.
I also use a great deal of their range myself, including; Facial skincare, body scrubs and oils and bath & shower gels/foams. I really love the products and the amazing changes they have made to my skin.
Another reason for me becoming a consultant was
that it enables me to order organic skincare for clients, and hold parties to share the great things that Neal's Yard offer.

        Having an NYR party is a great way to spend an evening with a group of friends. All you need to do is ask your friends and maybe provide a few refreshments for the evening, then you can sit back and let your consultant do the rest! There are great benefits of hosting a party as you will receive a FREE PRODUCT for booking the party and a FREE FULL - SIZED NYR product as a thank you for hosting the party. You can also receive up to £100 FREE shopping and 50% DISCOUNT based on purchases.
To shop the range and see what amazing products Neal's Yard have to offer go to